Over 45 years of composite products manufacture

Federal Compliance Certificate (GOST) has been awarded to our rebar products

Our Profile     

Stupino Fiberglass Plastic Production Facility

Projected as Russia's largest integrated full-cycle plant: production glass manufacture; fiberglass processing and production; fiberglass plastic, fiberglass plastic materials and products manufacture.

Our enterprise offers a full spectrum of products to the interested and selective customers

Our product range

includes the following assortment:

  • composite fiberglass plastic and/or basalt plastic rebar
  • moulded articles
  • prepregs
  • epoxide profiles
  • fiberglass laminate

Areas of use

Our products have numerous utilization purposes in various industrial sectors:

  • machine engineering
  • electrical engineering
  • industrial and civil construction
  • maritime construction
  • sports equipment manufacture
  • and other business segments

Technological innovations, leading edge materials implementation, new product development and manufacture are the key areas of our expertise.
Our enterprise can offer tailor-made solutions of any complexity and sophistication as per customer specification. 

Stupino Fiberglass Plastic Manufacturing Plant
by professionals
Sales Department: +7 (916) 816-61-50
+7 (496) 649-26-12
+7 (496) 649-26-11
Free Call: 8-800-707-1968
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